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Which SaaS products are you trying to sync time activities between? (This will help us prioritize the next integration we roll out.) Productive (Currently Under Development) Asana (use logos for these…) Basecamp Freshbooks JIRA NetSuite Sage Teamwork Trello Wrike Wave Xero ZohoOther

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Make more money

If you provide services, and a significiant portion of your cost is labor, you need to track time.

The issue with that has been trasidtionally that time tracking was filled with errors, its an onerous process that was prone to errors. But advnaces in technology, and changes to where and how people work have made time tracking MUCH easier. AI and other proimsigin things mean that it will only get more automated and conveneint. More and more regsulators are even starting to REQUIRE that you track time, and not just overtime.

But to make use of that data without spenidng a fortune, you need to be able to get that into your existing workflow. BUt most timers are buillt to work on only one platform. And while plentyh of CRMS and OM and accounting tools claim to “integratge” its generall a pretty simple , non comprehensive data share.

38% of potential billable revenue is lost due to errors in time tracking

Independent contractor, small agencies, and large professional services firms lose thousands of dollars each year because of the pain involved in tracking hours. After years of trying a variety of cumbersome, third-party timers, or ones that did not integrate well with Quickbooks Online, we decided to build our own solution. Take a quick tour.

You Can’t Afford NOT to Track Your Time

In the summer of 2018, we launched an initial alpha of 4QuickTiming to use internally. In the fall of 2018 we will release the beta. Sign up for a trail, or to get updates.

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